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Importance of good leadership, command and management in military environment. The three aspects are critical and very important in the military operations and their applications have significant benefits in the operations at large. someone write my essay hobby The state secretary in turn confers the power to the commanders in chief of armed forces. In this context, command and accountability requires keen analysis.

Importance of good leadership command and management in military environment Essay. However, according to Horn and Walker , leadership is the ability of one human being to stir sentiments in an organizational perspective and influence the behaviours of others especially the lesser. creative writing service year 13 Moreover, it is majorly concerned with division of labor, departmentalization, authority allocation and span control that promote efficacy. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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Commands in military environment helps at providing an insight into the requirements of an insecurity challenge faced by a nation. Command in the defence force is a complex activity that comprise of diverse but linked activities that are coordinated to achieved common direct and purpose. Essay about military service leaders To sum up, good and effective leadership, command and management in the military context serve as the three pillars that support success.

Environment , Leader , Science Management in broad spectrum refers to the acts of organizing and coordinating human resource to achieve a desired objective Schwartz, , P. This means that the most successful military organization is the one that practices god leadership and promotes cohesiveness that bonds the personnel together an integrated sense of rationale and belongingness. Essay about military service leaders Actually, management aims at maximizing human resource with the available skills and technology and it applies in the same way in the military therefore a key element in the success of military missions. According to the European Conference On Knowledge Management and Neto , management is a vital driving force that propels all the activities and the operations of the military.

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Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours This essentially means that everybody in any military operation irrespective of the occupation, operational rank or status has a role to play and should operate in accordance to the military guiding principles. In addition, the command will assist at developing the intelligence about enemy and their habitat.

Consequently, the power of the military official to exercise and influence the performance of the other soldiers are as a result of good leadership. Importance of good leadership command and management in military environment send By clicking "Send", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. custom essay paper writing blank Additionally, the soldiers need some training especially in area that are highly challenging like the war torn area, where they are fully engaged in field operations.

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For managers senior individuals in a military environment to ensure that their management operations are good and effective, scholars argue that knowing the roles they should play in order to achieve success is essential. Command in this case may include the acts of controlling, ordering and predicting of which the three enhance the aspect of future success hence promoting success. Essay about military service leaders Furthermore, commands aids in developing and setting suitable goals and devising mechanisms to adapt to those goals as the situation changes. In absence of command, military unit will possibly degenerate into mobs and subordination of troops will be replaced by violence and misunderstanding. Actually, the traditional approaches that undermined the status of the subordinates should no longer be acceptable in any military environment Sooters et al.

To achieve the overall success of the management other aspects should be incorporated to ensure balance among management leadership and command. In any military mission the main and the basic task of a leader is to ensure the success and the accomplishment of the operation as well as ensuring the welfare of the subordinate colleagues. Essay about military service leaders It is an important component in success of any activity. It is a very complex issue and therefore best explained through it features. In this, the operation is assessed whether it was time and cost effective.

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